ShiHuangDi release date announced!

Thy Majestie ShiHuangDi

New Thy Majestie album, ShiHuangDi will be out the 25th September 2012 on Scarlet Records. Here is the album cover.

Stay Tuned!


4 thoughts on “ShiHuangDi release date announced!

  1. Unfortunatly not the most beautiful artwork =( However, can’t wait to get the album! If it’s only half as good as your previous four albums, it’s already brilliant!!

    ~Come to the Netherlands!

  2. I kinda like that artwork to be honest. As I have a liking for anything from Japan/China.
    I just wish that Dario Grillo was still in the band, so you can tell I’m anxious to hear how Alessio sounds.

  3. Hi,I am from China study in the UK now and when I first time learned that you would release the lastest ablum concerns to ancient China, I was so exciting and spread this info to my friends and some BBSs. It is really good to hear your voice again, in China we have a number of your fans, best wish to you guys!

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